Computer Science for All NYC

In September of 2015, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an ambitious plan to provide computer science education to all New York City public school students by 2025 as part of his administration’s Equity and Excellence agenda. The plan involves the Department of Education training about 5,000 teachers to teach the city’s 1.1 million public school students a new computer science centered curriculum. One year on

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The New Frontier of Technology

Image Source As a new frontier of technology, Civic Tech has grown dramatically in just a few years. “Civic Tech” is technology that enables greater level of public participation in government and can more generally refer to informational technology linking the public sector and civilians. Governments with outdated information systems are turning to civic tech as a way to increase transparency with the public. In

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Environmental Literacy Initiative

Image Source The “March for Science” held this past Earth Day across the U.S was a sign to many of an increased popular call for a greater environmental consciousness on the part of the government, local, state, and federal. One emerging element in the recent efforts to foster greater “environmental literacy,” interest in climate science, and concern for local ecological sustainability has been the expansion

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I Zone and Edutech Startup

Image source At the tail end of former Mayor Bloomberg’s administration, the Innovation zone educational initiative started. The program was an experimental trial aimed initially at a group of 81 schools including the NYC ischool and NYC Laboratory school with the goal of providing more comprehensive personalized education for the city’s dense and diverse student population. The projected expansion of the program was estimated to

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