TechRow Fund partners with educators and community organizations in NYC to pioneer innovative, immersive, and industry-aligned programs that empower our students with the skills and confidence to participate in tomorrow’s technology-driven economies.

Four Pillars Of Education Programming

Industry Alignment

Our team includes industry experts who help translate the creative and technical aspects of current and emerging technologies to programs that are relevant to our students. In addition to building awareness of these professions, students are provided access to companies and professionals leading to career opportunities otherwise denied.

Developing Skills

As we continue to shift to an information-based economy, students must develop skills and work practices very different than even 20 years ago. Students must be able to apply learning strategies and processes to new challenges and technologies as well as rely on digital literacy, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. Our programs provide opportunities for students to develop the confidence and the higher-order thinking skills required via experiential programs.


TechRow Fund is a diverse organization and is committed to delivering programming that is relevant to the diverse communities we serve. With minority populations shifting to the majority in the U.S., many companies are finally recognizing the financial rewards resulting from truly diverse organizations. However, African-Americans, Latinos, and women are still significantly underrepresented in the the technology workforce. Our programs are designed to break those barriers by empowering students with the vision and skills needed to access technology-based professions.

Experiential & Immersive

As we move to competency-based, multi-disciplinary instruction, programs that encourage students to engage and create, offer powerful opportunities to take risks, and develop life-long learning strategies. We employ emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, as an “engagement engine” and extend experiential learning to Makers curriculums.


Reduce inequity in education by ensuring that all schools are positioned to build the next generation of innovators, thinkers and a skilled technology workforce.

What We Do

We believe that immersive and experiential learning are powerful “engagement tools”. When they are combined with relevant instruction, students can develop both the digital literacy and independent learning skills needed to access opportunities in the global economy. Our vision is to provide educators and community based organizations the curriculum, hardware, technical knowledge, and program support they need to empower students - and to build access to tech careers through industry networks.

Community Engagement

Students thrive when they have parental and community support. TechRow Fund works with community members, parents, teachers, administrators and students to demystify and provide access to new technologies as well as to serve as a thought leader in terms of program development and industry integration. We regularly organize technology events including:

Annual Super Saturday STEM Expo

Annual Super Saturday - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Expo - Community School District 5, Harlem


Fair for the Environment, Science, and Technology P.S./I.S. 180


Since our founding in 2017, the TechRow Fund has grown significantly in scope and reach.

  • More than 1000 students served
  • 100 teachers trained
  • More than 10 Strategic Partners
  • Support for 12 Public Schools
  • Engagement in 2 New York City Boroughs
  • 3 After-School Programs
  • 3 Summer Programs - including high school bridge programs

Our Story

The TechRow Fund was founded in Harlem out of a need to ensure that our schools are positioned to build the next generation of innovators, thinkers, and skilled technology workers. Inequity in education has a direct impact on current and future economic growth and productivity. Lack of alignment between our schools and industry further widen existing gaps.

By building an organization that harnesses the power of inclusion, skills development, and technology, we are positioned to develop a talent pipeline capable of the unimaginable. These are the roots of our organization - a belief in the power of human potential, firmly planted at the junction of industry needs and best educational practices in the US and worldwide.


Our Board

Travis Feldler

Derrick Horner

Joey Blumenfeld

Caralene Robinson

Kathleen Isaac

Our Team

The TechRow Fund team is made up of diverse, cross-sector experts in the fields of education, training, technology, marketing and community engagement. They embody our values and beliefs in building opportunity and equity in the world.


Travis Feldler, Founder

Shaina Andrews, Design Lead

Kathy Davis, Managing Director

Moshe Crone, Director of Community Engagement

Jackie Cohen, Program Lead

Korell Pierson, Curriculum Lead

Tyler Whitworth, Program Facilitator

Kristina Holness, Events Coordinator

Adelya Aksanova, Technology Lead

Why Harlem’s School District 5

Harlem’s School District 5 is a high needs community and is deeply aligned with our mission.

Over 90% of students are black and Hispanic
Middle School ELA Proficiency is 24%
Middle School Math Proficiency is 14%
22% of students have learning disabilities
22% of homeless student population in elementary school
19% of homeless student population in Pre-K
14% of homeless student population in middle school
7% of homeless student population is in high school

* Data captured from the Harlem Renaissance Educational Pipeline Community Baseline Report